Tatsuhito Horikoshi


"I try to combine a gentle perspective with a rebellious spirit."

"I wanted to draw portraits in my own unique way. In order to do so, I began to refer to Western paintings and photographs. With time, it has led to my current works and style. I feel that using people as a motif is the best way to project my thoughts, and I draw boys and girls as the cool and admired protagonists of anime and manga. I am often drawn to the optimism and purity of youth, the cruelty of ignorance, and undifferentiated gender, and these elements inspire me. In my work, I try to combine a gentle perspective with a rebellious spirit.

My own desire for transformation is at the root of my work. For example, in video games, it is easy to become a character that is different from yourself. Becoming a different being was a special thing for me. The act of transforming into a different being is a mixture of two contradictory things: the desire to be anyone you want to be, and the fear of losing sight of who you really are. This is in line with what I feel about my own lifestyle and what I think about life. My work is also influenced by the negative elements of the real world, but I try to express them metaphorically and cynically through my own filter of humor."